School Profile

Undera Primary School is a small rural school situated in the small township of Undera, 16 kilometres west of Mooroopna. The school community is made up of students from families involved in dairy farming, orchardists or people who travel to nearby towns for work.


A school bus service operates, with two runs around the rural district surrounding the school.


The school is an aesthetically attractive setting and all involved in the school community are committed to creating an atmosphere of cooperation, high expectations and success for all in a safe and friendly environment.


Students may experience a range of extracurricular activities, including swimming, camps, excursions and sports. The school teaching staff utilises information and communication technologies (ICT) for student learning.


The school council is an active body and highly supportive of the work of the school. There is much to celebrate at Undera Primary School, as the community works together to maintain a friendly environment that enhances learning, personal growth and wellbeing for all students, so that they can develop their full potential.

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